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Customer Loyalty Scheme

How Do I Earn Rewards Points?

It's easy - every time you purchase items at our shop you get points credited to your loyalty scheme account via your loyalty card. You earn one Paws Fur & Fin points for every £1 spent per shop transaction. For example, if you spend £13.20 you will earn 13 points.

You will not be awarded Paws Fur & Fin points on purchases that are fully paid for by redeeming a voucher. If you part-pay for a purchase by redeeming a voucher, you will only be rewarded points on the balance of the purchase above the value of the voucher.

We reserve the right to vary the number of loyalty points awarded for each £1 spent at any time and the number of points awarded for any other activities.

Step 1. Shop - Step 2. Earn - Step 3. Redeem.

Promotional - Solely at our discretion and on an ad-hoc basis we may choose to offer additional loyalty points as a promotion. These points will be added to your account as indicated at the time of the communication to you and it is important to highlight these loyalty points may have an expiry date different to that mentioned below.

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When Are My Paws Fur & Fin Points Available To me?

Earned loyalty points from purchases become available from your next visit to our shop. There's no limit to the number of Paws Fur & Fin points you can earn.

How Can I Use My Paws Fur & Fin Loyalty Points?

Your loyalty points can be redeemed at the till on all purchases, and 100 Paws Fur & Fin points = £1.

We reserve the right to vary the redemption rate at any time. Paws Fur & Fin points may only be redeemed against future purchases. They can never be redeemed in cash.

How Can I Find Out My Paws Fur & Fin Loyalty Point Balance?

On request at our shop you can request your points balance at any time. Alternatively, on request via email to pawsfurandfin@gmail.com quoting your loyalty card number and surname, your balance will be sent via email within one working day.

Can I Receive Paws Fur & Fin Points For Past Shop Purchases?

Missing points may be added to your account following registration on proof of purchase (e.g. till receipt or credit card counterfoil) subject to management agreement.

What If I Return A Purchase?

Paws Fur & Fin points are valid while you keep shopping with us. If you haven’t shopped with us with points added to your account for 18 months then all your points will expire and your points balance will be set to zero.

From time to time we may offer additional loyalty points which have a shorter validity period, you will be notified of this at the time of issue and these points will be deducted from your account on expiry.

Do Rewards Points Expire?

If a product is returned, you will not receive points for that purchase or the loyalty points will be deducted from your account if already applied.


Other Activities That May Add Loyalty Points

We may choose from time to time to offer additional Paws Fur & Fin points for carrying out other activities such as writing reviews; or providing us with photos we can use on our website and social media, etc. The reward of points for any activities other than shopping will be agreed along with any associated terms and conditions.

Loyalty points for other activities will be added once your participation has been agreed and the relevant terms and conditions have been met.

General Terms And Conditions

We reserve the right to modify or change the terms of the Paws Fur & Fin loyalty scheme in any way that we choose and at any time without prior notice, this includes terminating the Paws Fur & Fin loyalty scheme.

The Paws Fur & Fin points allocated through the scheme are personal to the individual (or family) holder of the card/account to which they have been awarded. They cannot be transferred to any other person or account. Nor can they be sold, or traded in any way or have any cash value.

Your contact details and purchase history are held on our computerised till system in order to administer the scheme, this information will not be shared with, or sold to any external company or individuals.

The Paws Fur & Fin (Smith Companion Pets Ltd) loyalty scheme is available for shop purchases with the following terms and conditions:

On application a customer can be registered for the loyalty scheme by completing an application form* after which an individual (or family) loyalty card will be issued. To collect Paws Fur & Fin loyalty points for any transaction at the shop you need to show your card, or state your customer name/number at time of purchase.

* In order, to provide you with periodic communications for customer loyalty benefits you will need to provide us with a preferred email address and/or mobile contact details then as part of your loyalty scheme registration. This will can be enhanced by giving us details of your specific animals so that we can filter the offers appropriately. You can amend details or opt out of these electronic communications at any time.

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